Londinium Nocturnus

Pilot - A Train In The Night

London By Night

Underground by archontas1982 d3803ew

Friday 28th December 2012 – Returning from a party Rosy, Dorian, Aubry and Karina were the only people in their underground train carriage. A mysterious short stop and the arrival of a severely injured man called Nigel whose dying actions were to give Aubry an antique locket suddenly turned the evening on it’s head. Nigel’s dying words were to hide the locket and take it to Victoria Station the following evening at 11pm and mention they know him when approached.

After giving statements to the police and making no mention of the locket Rosy invited everyone to her bar, Milk and Honey for a stiff drink to calm down before going home.

Their examinations of the locket revealed it to be a piece dedicated to someone called Eliza, made by Amstrong & Sons in Birmingham in the 1820s. It also seems to have been dedicated to her by her husband Ezra Thorne. Prudent online searches found Ezra Thorne to be a merchant who upon his return to England because something of a Puritan and fanatic who had numerous run ins with the police for attempting to destroy bars and brothels of ill repute. His wife, Eliza died childless of cholera and he was last heard of in London working as a Private Investigator for the Catholic Church.

The following evening they turned up at Victoria station early. It didn’t take long to see they were being watched by a mysterious woman who revealed herself to be Sharon Moore. Aubry, who was wearing the locket began to feel it warm to a near uncomfortable level. She clearly described Nigel and suggested meeting somewhere indoors as they were being watched. Back at Milk and Honey Rosy was surprised to see Sharon had arrived ahead of them and had gained entrance easily despite it being members-only after 11pm.

After a short but fruitless talk Aubry handed over the locket to Sharon. Both Aubry and Dorian noticed the locket had started to weep a red liquid as Sharon palmed it and left.

Not happy with how her security had let in a non-member Rosy led everyone to the security room to check the cameras. It was there they all noticed Sharon running past the back door camera, followed seconds later by a large man with wild and unkempt long brown hair. Dorian and Aubry rushed down and out to investigate only to find Sharon in the back alley quite literally holding her guts in and leaking blood. Shocked, they watched as she rose and ran off – disappearing down the ally and into the night. They also found she had dropped the locket and so retrieved it, this time Karina kept it safe.

Wanting to change the tone Rosy invited them to her staff and partners only Masquerade party the following evening at the bar.

The party started well, providing a nice distraction from the weirdness of the past two days. Aubry dismissed the flirtations of a younger partner in couple, Rosy maintained her decorum as boss, Karina spotted Jenny, a waitress who works at Proud Cabaret and Dorian managed to attract the romantic interest of the same Jenny whose date was busy passing out in the toilets. Whilst checking her make up in the bathroom Karina noticed the locket had been weeping the red fluid again and rushed out to tell her friends. The evening took another turn however when they spotted Sharon, dressed quite revealing, dancing with the bar manager Alex before coming over to them, quiet injury free and simply saying “good evening” with a smile…



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