The Storyteller System

Storytelling System characters are built with character points that represent a Dot on their character sheets. Each Dot represents a ten-sided die (d10). The more Dots in an Attribute or Skill, the better the character is at those abilities. A set of dice representing the Dots in an Attribute or Skill forms a Dice Pool that the character uses to see if he/she succeeds or fails at specific tasks.

Characters have nine Attributes in three groups: Mental, Physical, and Social as follows:


  • Strength — how physically forceful they can be.
  • Dexterity — how physically graceful they are.
  • Stamina — how physically enduring they are.


  • Charisma — how socially influential they can be.
  • Manipulation — how socially dominating they are.
  • Appearance – how attractive and/or how much presence they have.


  • Perception – how aware of their surroundings they are.
  • Intelligence — how mentally resourceful they are.
  • Wits — how clever and insightful they are.

All Attributes begin with one Dot. Normally, Attributes can have up to 5 Dots. With one Dot, a character is “poor” in that Attribute and gets one die. With two Dots, they are “average” and get two dice. Three Dots, they are “good.” Four Dots, they are “exceptional,” and with five Dots, they are “outstanding” and have five dice.

Starting characters get a number of Dots to add to their Attributes. The player must choose primary, secondary and tertiary attribute categories, getting a large number of dots to assign to primary Attributes, a moderate number to assign to secondary Attributes and a small number for tertiary Attributes. The first Dot of each attribute is free, the 2nd to 4th Dots cost one Dot each, and the 5th Dot costs 2 Dots to fill in. The primary, secondary and tertiary designations have no effect after character creation.

The Storyteller System

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