Londinium Nocturnus

Episode 2: Farewell to Sunlight

Thanks to the players actions the Pack of werewolves were scattered or killed and the Underground seems safe for Vampires once again. There is still no explanation for what happened to the Underground Kindred though.

More confused than ever, the players were quite demanding the next time they saw Sebastian, and were invited to an ‘event’ at Battersea Power station….and this is where it happened, where it all changed…where the dark gift of unlife and an eternal thirst for living blood was bestowed upon them. And this is where their new lives began.
Battersea power station lit up at night 1951

They spent the next few nights relearning to be themselves. And also learning about the Beast within. The true horror came not from the fact that blood is now their existence but that they would have to leave their old lives, their loved ones and all they truly cared about behind.

Sundown a few days later, they awoke in their basement Haven below Milk & Honey and realised something was amiss – the bar staff normally have the place open and running long before sundown but the place was closed and quiet. A noise from the main bar upstairs led them to the private Red Room.

The scene in the Red Room was nothing short of surreal. A dark haired woman in rather old fashioned Edwardian clothing sat at the head of the table presiding over the staff who were acting out a twisted version of Dinner for One….clearly under her influence.



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