Londinium Nocturnus

Episode 1: Things That Go Bang In The Night

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The self-evident supernatural nature of Sharon’s condition and her insistence that the locket be returned to her led to more and more questions she promised would be answered the following day.

New Years Eve at Milk and Honey started with a bang. With Aubry on piano along with two musicians hired for the night, Karina gave an amazing rendition of “All That Jazz” from the musical Chicago for the VIP guests in the Red Room. After they were introduced by Sharon to an art sponsor of note and were given an offer they could refuse. Aubry and Dorian jumped at the chance, but Karina expressed her dislike at being shepherded and blackmailed. A sullen and withdrawn Rosy seemed to grow more and more weary and angry all at once. The evening ended with Rosy kicking her guests out and the surprise visit of a mysterious gentleman calling himself Sebastian.

The following evening the all met at Tottenham Court Road Station to being investigating the disappearances of members of the organisation Sharon and Sebastian belong to. Internet research by Karina and Dorian revealed the station has had the lowest reported crime in the past six months of all the stations in central London.

Some intrepid actions led to the team managing to sneak into a staff only area and down long, dark and winding service tunnels. A close encounter with a toilet cubicle turned out to be a false alarm was quickly forgotten as the proceeded deeper only to hear what could only be described as a large and frightening animal. The combination of growls, low light and being away from the crows proved too much and they ran back up to the brighter light service areas only to be met by a large hulking long haired male staff member who upon seeing them growled “What the f**k are you doing down here?”….



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